WEARING: [Josephine] Next dress and cardigan // La Coqueta tights // Clarks boots [Coralie] Dress found at T K Maxx // H&M cardigan // Coco & Wolf bloomers // La Coqueta tights // Clarks boots

The friendship between our girls has really developed over the last couple of months, and it makes my Mama heart so happy to see them laughing and chatting, and genuinely enjoying each other's company.

I think with Coralie changing so much since Christmas - she can talk so well now, and make herself understood much more - things are much easier for both Josephine and Coralie. There seems less frustration and arguments, and much more getting along and playing games together. It's so lovely to see.

Of course there is still friction - Coralie isn't the most delicate person, and train tracks and Playmobil scenes can get quite easily destroyed - but Phiney is appreciating that it isn't Coralie being naughty and just that she isn't quite as co-ordinated, or doesn't quite understand the game yet. For someone who is normally rather lacking in patience (just like me!) Josephine often blows me away by how calm she can remain when it comes to dealing with her little sister. Not always of course, but mostly :)

I'm so proud of these girls. So proud to be their Mama.

Also, I love the series of portraits of them outside our front door that's growing.

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