The Christmas holidays provided us with plenty of amazing quotes from Josephine...

"Mama, what animals do Party Rings come from?!"

Josephine: "Oh Coralie, I was going to tell you an important truth."
Mama: "What was it?"
Josephine: "For when you build towers."

"It was the biggest bug in the whole wildlife world."

"That's the funniest thing I heard in my whole wide life."

"Coralie, we're going to get married soon."

After watching her best friend Oliver jump off the stairs...
"That was so funny!"
Then seeing me watching...
"But also very dangerous!"

As I'm opening the shutters one morning...
Josephine: "What a beautiful day!"
Mama: "I hope it's going to be like this tomorrow for our walk."
Josephine: "But luckily it's nice today, remember Mama."

"You're the best sister, Coralie."

"My wee is made of glitter."

"Oh Coralie, Coralie Joe!"

Mama: "What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up?"
Josephine: "I'm too small to know that, Mama. I need more years."

"I love our conversations in the morning, Coralie. You're hilarious!"

Said very loudly in the middle of a very quiet Co-op...
"Mama, my trumps smell like I need a poo."

Josephine to Coralie: "If you ask me you're being very silly and messing me around."

On why she likes playing hospitals...
"I want to check people's hearts and be kind."

Josephine: "Where's my bombastic?"
Mama: "What's a bombastic?"
Josephine: "The stick bit on the hoover."

Daddy: "Coralie, are you going to eat some more carrot?"
Coralie: "Sssshhhh" putting her finger to her mouth.
Daddy: "No, not quiet! Carrot!"
Coralie: "Sssshhhh!"

There are a few things I don't want to forget Coralie saying too. As her speech develops more everyday, it's an amazing stage and so cute.

Coralie: "Story" meaning books
              "Mirror?" when she gets dressed or puts something from the dressing up box on
              "Where's Phiney?" the first thing she says after every nap
              "What that noise?" to any noise at all
              "Oh!" in response to everything!

As always, these posts are some of my most favourite. Several of those had be laughing out loud as I typed them up. So happy we're in the habit of writing down these treasures!

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  1. Oh man, these are HILARIOUS!! Maybe that is what Shaggy was singing about. xx