There's nothing better than when Ben has time off work and we get to spend all day every day together. Over Christmas Ben has had more than two weeks off and it's been so lovely. We've both had plenty of lie-ins, and time to ourselves, as well as one on one time with the girls as well as happy happy times all together. I feel our little team is stronger after these breaks; refreshed and reunited after the routines of life, work, nursery....

Most of our mornings have been spent outdoors, as had become us girls' habit in the run up to Christmas. The weather has been unseasonably warm round these parts and getting out first thing starts our day the right way, I think. It's certainly something I plan to continue when Ben goes back to work - come rain or shine. Just an hour at the park, feeding the ducks, walking round the Botanical Gardens, hanging with friends or heading out just us three - the fresh air and early-morning purpose is good for us all.

The girls have loved their Daddy being at home 24/7. Ben is just the best at messing around and inventing new games. If I'm downstairs getting things done, it honestly sounds like they're all about to come crashing through the ceiling; running, banging, jumping, loud music and plenty of screaming and laughter. Yes, it's certainly party central with Daddy! And he doesn't go back to work until Monday, woo!

These photos are of one morning at the park and the scooter track, when Josephine was trying out her new scooter from Father Christmas. Ben got to see Coralie climb the frame and come down the slide completely by herself for the first time too (she mastered it just before the holidays) and the light was just magical. And check out my new slouchy socks with my jeans tucked in. Currently having a style love affair with all things a little bit '90s.

I made a little film of the morning too - and I certainly plan to fill this year with plenty more films like this...


  1. I've just lost myself for a while watching your films! They're lovely, really really lovely! Coralie in those little denim bloomers and grey cardigan might just be the best outfit I've ever seen! x

    1. Oh, thank you lovely! They're not perfect technically (by any means - so much over exposure!) but we adore them. No doubt they'll be one of our most cherished items as the years go by and the girls grow. And yes...such a cute outfit! xx

    2. Yes I'm sure they will be treasured! The girls will be fascinated to watch them when they're older I bet! x