To celebrate Josephine's birthday on Monday, we headed out to breakfast at our new favourite café (the new Boston Tea Rooms - such a beautiful space) and then went for a birthday walk around the Royal Crescent. It was absolutely freezing, so a much shorter walk than we had planned, but it gave Josephine the chance to try out her new binoculars that Coralie had given her for her birthday, and me to snap some birthday portraits. I never get any good pictures at their parties - sure, it's always so busy but largely I like to be there in the moment rather than behind the camera - so I always make sure I get some great shots at another point in the day.

I can't believe our girl is four. She looks so happy in these pictures, and so does Coralie, and that's all that matters in the world. Plus I got in on the photo action again (debuting my amazing new Ace & Jig dress - thank you Ben!)

Happy birthday darling Josephine, we love you xxxxx

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  1. Glorious photos! Love the top one with Josephine looking through her binoculars- 'Ahoyhoy!'
    Ps. Red looks great on you xx