My favourite thing right now is heading out the door nice and early for a run around with the girls and a good breath of fresh air. It really starts the day right, for all three of us. When the winter sets in round these parts, it can be easy to spend the days cooped up indoors, but with that scenario comes squabbles, boredom, frayed tempers and, often, the TV. We always invest in good waterproof trousers for the girls, and have lucked out with great raincoats at the charity shop over the years, so the rain and cold can't stop us. It may take us 20 minutes to put it all on and get out of the door, but it's always worth it.

On Friday we kicked off the weekend with a drizzly trip to feed the ducks and wander round the park. We were out of the car by 9.20am and had the duck's complete attention with our loaf of bread. The girls giggled with glee as the ducks swarmed us, and happily gobbled up our treats.

We then strolled round the park, petting dogs and chasing birds and squirrels, eating Christmas snacks (a must-have for any chilly walk) and talking about what we had planned for the weekend. 

We were only out for an hour before the drizzle turned to rain and a dash back to the car, but it was lovely and I can't wait for our next spontaneous morning outing.

No photos of us feeding the ducks...I can't trust Coralie not to throw herself into the pond trying to cuddle one of them when I'm stood back snapping away!

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