HOLIDAY: st ives 2015 [part one]

Ah, summer holiday - how long ago you already seem. Warm summer days frolicking on the beach seem a million miles away from the cold and rain and apparent early onset of Autumn.

As always, our week in St Ives was happy and blissful and none of us wanted to come home. It really is our home from home (I've been going every year since I was teeny) and I'll admit that I've spent many an hour since we got home looking at estate agent sites and dreaming of one day owning a holiday house there. A girl's gotta dream...

Last year Coralie turned two months when we were on holiday, and in all honesty it wasn't the most relaxing time. I felt that I spent a lot of the time sat feeding Coralie and watching Ben and Josephine have fun from afar. Don't get me wrong, those newborn days are so wonderful and fleeting (oh! So fleeting! Sob!) but we were all looking forward to Coralie wandering the beach with us and joining in the fun and games.

I took quite a few photos (but managed to strike the balance between picture taking and just enjoying the moment) so expect a slew of holiday posts!

We arrived on a sunny Saturday and spent the day on the beach. Just look at Josephine's face! My sister and I took her down to the sea (the tide was waaaay out) and I snapped these as she frolicked and splashed and grinned the biggest grins.  I know there are 50million of practically the same photo, but I need all these in this little journal of ours. I think this girl would happily live by the sea.


  1. Oh my. It does seem like so long ago. I love all of these photos, they are glorious! xxxxxx Cant wait to go again.

  2. wedding invitations!!