It's been a while since I have regularly blogged here, but I think about it everyday. It's just that there's always something else that needs doing, some task that needs completing or (more likely) a sofa or bed that's just calling my name. Thankfully I have a niece-obsessed sister who tells me to get a move on and blog already ;) So do bare with me while I play catch-up...

Coralie's actual birthday was a slow, quiet day, just the four of us. Playing in the garden with new birthday presents from Nanny and heading to the village to gather a delicious birthday picnic, that ended up being indoors because of the rain. And of course plenty of "this time last year..." It was a perfect day, and we caught up with family and friends at mine and Coralie's joint birthday party on the Sunday where there was plenty of cake, pass the parcel and presents.

Still can't believe our baby is now one!

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  1. Hooray! Beautiful photos. Looks like much fun. The dimples of Coralie's hands in that last photo are adorable!! Love my scrumptious nieces!! xxx