WEARING: Top and tights: Zara // Bloomers: Bonton (eBay find) // Moccs: Amy & Ivor

Now I know how much Josephine adores being nursery, I can happily focus on how to fill the three afternoons a week when she's not around. Of course Coralie naps for a large portion of that time, but there's certainly a shift in dynamic when Phiney's away.

The little sister becomes top dog, and has the run of the place...

On Josephine's first day at nursery, Coralie spent the whole afternoon calling for her ('Jo-za, Jo-Ja?!') but by 3.30pm on Tuesday, she'd realised that suddenly there was no-one to tell her not to place with the big sister-imposed 'out of bounds' toys, and Coralie was in her element. If you follow me on IG or Facebook, you'll have seen the video I sneakily took of her stealing a drink of water from Josephine's cup...the cutest, cheekiest thing ever!

And, of course, it gives me the chance to lavish some one-on-one time with my growing-too-quickly baby girl. Games round here tend to be dictated by Josephine, which Coralie finds a way to get involved in, but it's been so fun to play some baby games with her instead, and see her really thrive. Her absolute favourite is rolling a ball backwards and forwards to each other. She literally shrieks with excitement with every roll.

It's also lovely to be able to pick up all the choke-inducing hazards that can find their way onto the floor when Josephine's playing, and know that there's nothing Coralie can get to that she's not allowed; that she's free to roam and play independently. Apart, of course, from that pesky bin...the number of times I have to say the phrase 'Coralie, stop eating things out of the bin' is verging on the ridiculous. Kids. They're so gross.

But, oh! Also so beautiful. And funny and cute and beyond scrumptious. And, unbelievably, one in just a couple of weeks...

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  1. Love the first photo. She's too cute to handle.