EASTER: westonbirt arboretum

While Ben was off work over Easter, we headed to the beautiful Westonbirt Arboretum to enjoy the spring sunshine. We've wanted to go for so long and I'm so glad we finally made it. And the Family Trail that was happening over the holidays, with a treasure hunt and craft sessions along the walk, meant Josephine adored every second too and happily walked for two hours straight (before deciding she needed 'a carry' about ten minutes away from the car!) Plus with dogs running around and sky-scraping trees to point at, Coralie was more than entertained.

I love an impromptu afternoon trip with my people :)


  1. Beautiful photo's, especially the one of Ben and the girls. (That red blossom is amazing!) I reallllly want to go there! I feel a picnic coming on!! xxxxxx

  2. Oh they ave grown so much!! Your photography (and those girls) is just beautiful.

    xx em

    1. Thanks Em! They have grown SO much - time goes too fast! Hope you're all well lovely xxx