THREE: party time

For Josephine's birthday this year, we decided to throw Josephine two parties - one with all her little friends a few days before her birthday and one with family on the day itself. We chose a wild animal theme, packed cardboard lunch boxes with yummy treats, iced cupcakes and devised a treasure hunt. It was an hour and a half of absolute madness (and I barely took a single photo!) but the children loved every second. If only we'd remembered to do the birthday cake...after everyone left, we discovered it on the kitchen worktop!
*Josephine's invitations - any excuse to get stamping!
*My sister beautifully illustrated every party-goer's lunchbox.
*Animal masks for the treasure hunt.
*Ben and I devised a treasure hunt for coloured scrolls with stickers inside (again drawn by my clever sister) that, when put together, made an animal face. We had no idea if it would work, but it was an absolute success.
*Everyone 'adopted' a cuddly animal as a prize for completing their puzzle.
*Balloons make everything festive.
*Tiny glass bottles (that my best friend had her Dad save from his pub for us!) and paper straws. The children adored them!

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