THE 52 PROJECT: august

Nearly there catching up with The 52 Project...something to tick off the never-ending to do list, for sure!

My Nan and all the Great Grandchildren (and Matilda, her youngest Grandchild!) What a gorgeous bunch.

Josephine had been dreaming of sharing this kind of trolley with 'Baby' ever since I was pregnant. Every few months I get a snap of the girls together in one, to see how much they've grown. It fully lives up to Phiney's expectations, and she loves sharing a trolley with Coralie.


Beautiful girls in peach vintage dresses at my cousin's wedding. How I love them, and how I love finding them wonderful vintage to wear!


Coralie: That wonderful smile is pure joy.
Josephine: Pretty in pink...a very rare sight. But when the pink in question is vintage Liberty print, how can I resist?!

In Norfolk a few weeks ago for Ben's Grandma's 80th birthday. We stayed with them and it was a special weekend for everyone; Ben's Grandparent's adored having the girls at their home and Ben loved seeing Josephine playing the games he used to with his brothers when he was little. Happy memories; the best birthday present for Ben's Grandma. (Fun fact: Ben's Grandparents are called John and Anne, and so are mine. And both John's were woodwork teachers too. What are the chances?!)

"A portrait of my daughters, once a week every week in 2014".

Taking part in Jodi's 52 Project.


  1. Love these photos. That top one is awesome. Serious girl power going on! We need some boys! xxx

    1. I know!! The girls are taking over!! X

  2. Ps. Love how coordinated you four are in the last photo! xx

    1. Only noticed that when you pointed it out. Ha! Xx

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