Four months old, and you're really becoming your own person now, little one. You laugh and laugh and it's the most wonderful sound. Mostly you find Josephine the funniest, but you also love scary noises and Daddy is the best at surprising you and making you chuckle. And boy, are you ticklish! The most ticklish baby I've ever know. My favourite chuckles though come at 4am when, in the hazy glow of the night light I see you watching me as you feed and a little giggle escapes your sleepy head as I smile at you.
As well as the laughter, the screeching has to be noted. I guess when there's three other noisy people in the house, it's the way to get heard, and you're quick to let us know when you're board of sitting in your chair or lying on the floor.

You'll happily entertain yourself now for long periods of time, with chew toys and cuddlies, or just watching Josephine play her games; always craning forward to try and get involved.

You've nearly rolled over, but haven't quite made it; although your caterpillar style crawling is far more entertaining and gets you to where you want to be pretty fast. And you still love the bath and being outside more than anything.

It's hard to believe you've been with us for more than four months already. Every day I see your beautiful Grandpa in your expressions (those eyebrow movements are SO him!) and that brings your Mama more happiness than I can explain.

Our little Coralie Boralie (Josephine's nickname of choice for you!) How we all love you so xx

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  1. How did I miss this post?! these photos are so lovely! She has one of the best faces! Love you Coralie Joe xxxx