Ever since we moved into our house I wanted to paint our kitchen white. Yes. My name is Nell and I'm a white-paint-everywhere-aholic. For me, nothing offers a lighter, cleaner foundation to work with; to add colour and personality to, and one day we'll own a house where all the walls are the crispest of white. Well, finally, after about two years of saying we were going to paint, we finally have. And I love it. 

As I mentioned, we moved the sofa from Josephine's room into the kitchen and, in the process, utilised what was wasted space and created a lovely second living area that we all adore. Still covered with that amazing vintage quilt I found in a charity shop for about £4, I made a couple of new small cushions and then we hung more of these brilliant wires above to display Instagram print outs (which are my favourite) and paintings, postcards and artwork torn from Frankie Magazine. I love these. So simple yet effective, and so easy to change as and when we want. 

The retro table has been in our kitchen forever, but we moved the dining chairs and got some of these folding ones from Habitat instead to create more room in this little space, and the metal flock of birds above was an amazing gift from my Grandparents at Christmas. It's such an awesome piece. 

We bought one of those great Ikea ledges to display some beautiful prints, one of Josephine's best pieces of artwork and one of my favourite pictures of my Dad, my sister and I. I'm so happy with how it looks, and how the green and blue hues all compliment eachother. 

We've arranged our glass jars so they all stand together - a look I've always loved and one that looks really cool, even if some of them are half empty ;)

Finally, our fridge is now plastered with Instagram picture magnets. I gave Ben and Josephine some each for Christmas, and after my Dad died we printed more of him for Josephine. So she can see his face everyday, and never forget that beautiful smile of his and the fun she had with him. I talk to his pictures here every morning and evening, and throughout the day. I love seeing our happy faces all together whenever I'm in the kitchen. 

We're so happy with how this little area of house has finally come together. Being right next to Josephine's room, it's given our home a whole other place to hang out as a family; watching Daddy cook, reading books and hearing Phiney play the most amazing games next door. 

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