Whilst I was pretty rubbish at bump photos when I was pregnant with Coralie, I'm determined to take her Monthly Portrait as we did with Josephine. I've said before that above all else this little blog is a diary for Ben and I; a place to remember all the little things you think you'll never forget, but which you do. I love looking back at those portraits of Josephine - especially the early days when it's all such a blur. Reading about all the new developments and the little characteristics that start to how themselves. It's why I keep at it; even when there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to shower sometimes and even when I relate to and understand this interesting post so much, I am always thinking of this space and the posts I want to write. Anyway, I digress...

To be completely honest with you, these photos were taken when Coralie was five weeks old, and that was two weeks ago. Time just disappears at the moment and it's taken me so long to find time to edit the pictures and sit and write this post. The next one will be more prompt...hopefully.

I can hardly believe that our teeniest girl is already seven weeks. Her birth (the story of which I am starting to write) seems like yesterday and yet it feels like she has always been with us. In the last week she has changed so much. Is smiling so often, sometimes chuckling too, and has a look of wonder in her eyes as she looks around and takes everything in. She coos to herself and to us all, a happy little soul.

Her black hair is slowly falling out in places and is getting lighter too, and her little cheeks are getting rounder.

She hates having hiccups and yet gets them all the time; she adores the bath and smiles the moment her toes hit the water. Everyone says she looks just like her Mama, and sometimes I see flashes of my Dad in her. This makes my heart swell, with happiness and sadness all at the same time.

She has long skinny feet and toes, a double chin to be proud of and the tiniest little pixie face. She adores her Daddy, gives Mama the sweetest smiles during 4am feeds and is besotted with Josephine, completely and utterly.

From the moment Josephine was born, she didn't stop moving; never slept in case she missed something, she was always busy. A new soul for sure, taking in the world for the first time - wanting to know everything and anything right away. Coralie has a slower pace about her; I can feel it and see it already. She'll sit and watch, and she'll happily sleep in the quiet of her moses basket, drifting off as she looks out window at the trees. I feel myself relax when I hold her; I take a deep breath and feel calm in all the chaos. I love how different our girls our, and how alike me and my sister they seem to be. I, like Josephine, am always on the go, wanting to know the next move and unable to sit still; my sister has a stillness about her, she's happy to sit back and watch. Despite being quite different, we're the best of friends and I hope so much our girls are the same.

I can't wait to see more of the little person you're becoming my darling and yet don't want these newborn days to end. We love you so much, sweet Coralie.

Josephine's Monthly Portrait: one month. I love looking through these. Seems like only yesterday that Phiney was the same age as Coralie.


  1. She is such a sweet baby, perfectly proportioned and with all that lovely hair. I totally and utterly relate to what you say about finding time. In the early days with Elsie blogging took a backseat. Now I find its a welcome outlet to take stock of my family. And above all, like you, I blog to document our journey through family life as a treasured record for us, our family, the people I've met along the way are just a bonus. But that post you linked to is brilliantly written and captures so many of my fears about privacy. It's a tricky one and one I am not sure we'll resolve. I like to think of our children as a generation who will grow up with the most fabulous record of their childhood for them to persuse when they're older. I love nothing more than flipping through my childhood albums and I only wish there was more. The fact it's more public on social media will hopefully just be something this generation are ok with because it's become the norm. But who knows. Either way, it's lovely to read your blog among others and relate to a fellow mother in her journey through motherhood.

    1. I understand exactly what you're saying, Polly. I guess one day I'll make this space private, as the girls get older? It's such a hard one to find the right balance with though. Lots of love xxx

  2. How lovely she is Nell - I love what you wrote about the difference between Josephine and Coralie, it reminds me so much of my first two - Erin was always awake, always wanting to know, Myles however was a peaceful child and he has always made me feel relaxed in his company. It is still the case 19 years later. I have just written a post about bringing Erin home - please pop over and read it if you have the time - a taste for the future whilst you revel in the present.

    1. I actually read that post during a late night feed, Karen. It's lovely! I can't imagine our girls being that old, but I'm sure the years will fly by and we'll be there before we know it. Time goes too fast! Thank you for your lovely comment xxx

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  3. These are precious, Nell!