Beachin' Beaches Competition

This week I have been asked to take part in On the Beach's 'Totally Beachin' Beaches' photography competition, where I have to select my favourite ever beach shot...

I took this photograph last August in St Ives, Cornwall and for me, it encapsulates everything about the beauty of the English seaside in the summertime. 

The bright blue sky with the ominous clouds on the horizon, the ram-shackled fishing boats lined up along on the Harbour Beach; the swarming seagulls in the sky and the tourists swarming along the front. When I look at this picture I can hear those gulls and the waves crashing behind me, feel the warm breeze on my face, and I can taste the salty air and fish and chips. This picture makes me long to be back this summer and makes me remember all my childhood holidays running between the boats on what seemed like an endless trek to the sea when the tide was out. 

It may not be an idyllic desert island photograph, with crystal seas and cloudless skies, but it's most definitely my all time favourite beach shot. 


  1. Stunning. Such a classic, British seaside feel. Great shot! x

  2. Beautiful colors, shapes, capture of the gull in the top right corner, makes me want to travel there!

  3. Perfect! This is my favourite place in the world. I've been every year for as long as I can remember...my second home :) x