WHAT PHINEY WORE: bosca beauty

WHAT PHINEY WORE: Bosca Dress c/o la coqueta // Vintage Cardigan Ribbed Tights la coqueta // Desert Boots clarks (similar - the leather version appear to have sold out)

For many months now, I've received a lot of lovely emails and comments from you guys about the clothes Josephine wears. I'm not going to lie, dressing this girl is so much fun and searching for beautiful vintage, secondhand and unusual pieces for her is one of my absolute favourite pastimes.

It isn't always easy though. I find the majority of the shops on the high street stock small versions of (unappealing) adult styles, made poorly for a price that, in all honesty, I can't justify spending. And little girls (especially) dressed as adults is something that just doesn't sit well with me. I want traditional and classic pieces, in beautiful fabrics, prints and colours that I know I'm not going to see every other little girl wearing in the playground. 

So, with so many of you asking where I find these great pieces I thought I'd start a new regular series called What Phiney Wore, in which I'll reveal some of my favourite stores (which I may later regret!) as well as some of the tricks of shopping for kiddos that I've learnt along the way.

Today, Josephine is wearing one of the most beautiful dresses in her wardrobe; The Bosca Dress from La Coqueta. If you haven't heard of this store yet, I urge you to go check out their online shop, or if you're in Hampstead in London, to drop in the store. Launched by inspirational Mama of five Celia in 2012, the brand stocks the most beautiful clothes for babies, girls and boys all proudly made in Spain. All you need to know is I could happily dress Josephine in every piece the store has on offer, and I've bought her the most fantastic winter coat too, which I have no doubt will be popping up in a What Phiney Wore post soon. 

The Bosca Dress is beautifully made from a Liberty floral fabric, and I adore the little detailing of the lace trim on the lining inside and and the corduroy buttons on the front. 

While Josephine's boots are Clarks Originals, if her wide little feet could squeeze into them, I'd surely be buying a pair (or two) of the desert boots from La Coqueta. And maybe a pair of Mary Janes too. 

But it's not just the dresses and coats, shirts and shorts that La Coqueta have on offer. Celia has sourced the best collection of ribbed tights and long and short socks I've found, and Phiney has several pairs in her drawer. In beautiful colours, and of the highest quality, they are perfect for boys and girls alike. 

Of course, I can't finish an outfit without a piece of vintage, and this chunky knit I found in a charity shop just after Josephine was born is the perfect piece to keep her warm on a crisp autumnal day. 


  1. Beautiful outfit. That dress is amazing! xxx

  2. Gorgeous! Amazing dress and even more amazing photo of her looking back in front of the door!!! xx

  3. Love it, Nell! Can't wait to see more in the series - adore everything J wears! xx

  4. So lovely! Are you able to tell me where you got her Clarks boots from? My husband owns a pair and I had no idea you could get them in little sizes! I've had a good look online with not much luck.. Thanks :)

    1. Hello! I've linked to the Clarks boots in suede but it looks like the leather ones have sold out unfortunately. My friend even looked in the same shop we got them from (Russell and Bromley) and they don't have them any more. La Coqueta do very similar desert boots in leather however (and they're slightly cheaper than Clarks!) so you should check out their selection :) Hope that helps x