13 years. Baby, that's a long time. But with all the fun we've been having, it's gone so fast. 

All the laughter and adventures, all the tough times. It all got us to where we are, right now. Happier than ever; more in love, more infatuated. 

Know that I will always be standing with you, holding your hand, squeezing it when you need me to. I am yours, forever. For eternity. 

And I love you. 

*our anniversary is actually tomorrow, but with fun plans and exciting times, who knows if I'd get the chance to blog. And I couldn't miss the opportunity to tell the world, once more, how awesome my boy is, and how much I love him. 

Two of my favourite photos of Ben and Phiney, on holiday in the summer. Love. 


  1. Such a beautiful post. Congrats to you both :)

  2. hurrah for you two lovebirds! happy day!

  3. Happy 13 years!! Hip Hip Hooray! xx

  4. I probably do this every year.. but we have the same anniversary! (cept mine is our wedding anniversary, and only 4 years, not an impressive 13!!)
    Happy anniversary!!

  5. Happy anniversary guys.
    Such a beautiful post, hope you celebrated well xx