I've been the lucky recipient of some pretty awesome artwork over the last month or so. Now I have the tricky decision of where these gorgeous pieces should be hung...

Firstly is a shout out to my sister Dora's brand spanking new Etsy shop, The Wright Art Company. She paints the most incredible landscapes (that one up there being my personal favourite) and has them for sale at insanely good prices. Please go take a look and...you know....buy!! 

Next is the sweetest print from my friend Jenny. I am in love with this. Another awesome artist, this lady has a shop, Little Life Handmades, filled with things you'll want in your house. Check out her blog too if you haven't already. Her baby love, Marlowe, is the sweetest creature. 

Thirdly, I've been wanting this print for so long. I adore the simplicity of it, the modernity and the amazing colour that just pops (this photograph does not do it justice). You should check out Jo's blog and instagram feed too. The girl takes pretty, pretty pictures. When we finally get round to repainting our kitchen, this will be the first thing up on the wall, no doubt. 

Finally, Vertbaudet contacted me recently and asked if we'd like to try out there new downloadable personalised posters, commemorating a special occasion in your little ones life - from their birth date to the day they took their first steps, you can choose whatever you want, along with an array of sweet designs. And the best bit? They're only blinking free! What more could you want?

ps. We're off on holiday next Saturday (Cornwall here we come!) and so I'll be closing the shop for a week or so on Sunday evening. If you were thinking of placing an order, now's the time to do it because I'm offering a cool 20% off in the spirit of all things summer holiday. There's still a few sample pieces (all in perfect condition, but half the normal price) on offer, plus a couple of vintage bits and all the normal loveliness. All of which will be posted out before we leave, of course :) Just enter the code "SummerHoliday20".

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  1. Oh the art you have collected is so very swoon worthy! And I have just checked out your sister's shop! SOOOOoooo awesome! xo