The wonderful thing I'm learning about photography is how, in the pressing of a button, the click of the shutter, you can capture something magical; the essence of a person. Their craziness and goofiness, their cuteness and kindness, their spirit and their beauty. 

These two pictures encapsulate our girl, and I can't stop staring at them. 

Our little bird, our tiny dancer, our cheeky monkey, our reason to live. 

I took one other photograph that I adore as equally, but I'm saving that for The 52 Project on Sunday. It's hilarious and wonderful and very, very Josephine. 


  1. These are so great Nell, she's such a treasure! You are so lucky Phiney likes having her picture taken - as soon as Tilly sees the camera, she puts on her sad face... I have better luck when she doesn't know I'm snapping. Hoping I can warm her up to it eventually, as she can be mighty cheeky like your Little Bird and I'd love to capture it! X

  2. So precious. And your photos are looking SO good!