I have loved the process of crafting since I was small. There's nothing more satisfying than starting a project, choosing which materials to use and creating a design, then learning new skills and processes and ultimately completing something unique. I've made cushions and clothes, laundry bags and toys, all for the fun of it. 

But right now, more than anything, I'm loving practical projects. Crafting for a reason. When time is short, it's good to know that what I'm making is fulfilling a purpose. And to be honest, with a deadline that often accompanies such projects (birthdays, mother's day, Easter, the need for new baby clothes after Josephine has had a growth spurt) I'm more likely to actually finish the piece. 

My current crafting obsession is making cards. If you're looking for a simple, yet oh so satisfying new hobby, making cards like these will have you hooked in no time. My beautiful friend Laura gave Josephine one of the best first birthday cards (a simple '1' in red stars on crisp white card) and then made the sweetest thank you cards to send friends and family for the presents they received after the birth of their second baby (brown paper baby-gros on a washing line of stitching). She's the card-making queen and I totally stole this idea from her. We've been known to have in-depth text conversations about this hobby. We're cool like that. 

There are many reasons why this hobby is so pleasing. Firstly, I love sending cards so it's very handy having a stash ready to give. I think it's a habit I've inherited from my Grandma, although my lovely Icelandic friend Bibi said that it's a very English thing to do too. As well as birthday cards and thank you notes, there are cards to welcome babies to the world and cards to keep up with penpals that make their way across oceans. And, as my sister (a fellow card-giver enthusiast) and I were discussing in a card shop a few weeks ago, cards are so reflective of your style that finding the ideal design in a shop can be a real mission. Making your own ensures a piece of stationary that suits your aesthetic tastes perfectly and is totally unique.

And secondly, cards are so blooming expensive (I could easily spend £4 on a card; finding anything cheaper yet pretty is near to impossible) that making my own fits very happily in our living on a budget. Plus, while some new crafty hobbies can take a bit of an investment financially, this one instead offers the perfect opportunity to use all those fabric scraps I've accumulated from other projects. 

1. Fold and cut your card into the size and shape desired. 
2. Get designing with all the scraps of fabric you've kept but have been wondering what to do with. Small, cute babies are very helpful with this part. Seriously, it's a great one to do with the kids. Phiney spends ages happily rummaging through my fabric box!
3. Use a small dab of fabric glue to attach your design to the card, to ensure it doesn't slip while you're sewing. 
4. Using a zigzag stitch (or something similar) stitch round the design, remembering to keep it as neat as possible; you'll see the stitching on the inside don't forget. 

I think my favourites so far are the bunting designs (they would make the sweetest invitations too) and the flower birthday card I made for my lovely friend Amy. You should definitely give this craft a go. So easy and simple, yet really effective and fun. 

ps. In my mind the only thing as good as handmade is vintage. So if you're looking for the perfect card but don't have the time to make your own head over here. Emily has just opened her store and it's so good. SO good. 


  1. I embroidered on card and fabric a lot for my Art A-level, it looks so good but is really easy. I will definitely get making when I've finished my dissertation, my creative fingers are itching!xx

  2. I love fabric on cards! so lovely xx

  3. What a fantastic idea Nell, how lovely xx

  4. I loved my homemade card - and totally inspired by these as a way to use up scraps. Hope you're feeling better xx

  5. I have so many scraps- what a great way to use them! Lovely-thanks for sharing :)

  6. These are lovely. I try to keep a stash of hand-stamped cards in then we're always prepared for birthdays etc. (and I completely agree with your comment about not being able to get nice cards for less than £4!)