I attempted to write this blog post at the end of last week, and again yesterday. And I never intended it to be  part of the Homemaker Series, but as I thought about what I wanted to write it seemed an interesting topic to touch on as part of this collection. 

The last month has been a little fraught round here. Nothing major, nothing dramatic, just not the easiest of months. The time of year hasn't helped and neither did the beautiful weather a few weeks ago, which tricked us into thinking spring was here before Mother Nature threw snow and freezing winds back at us. Add to that a tense situation on Ben's side of the family (which thankfully seems to be sorted now), a teething 14 month old and a bank balance that is rather lacking and it's easy to see why February wasn't my favourite month. 

I feel a bit like I've been on pause. Spending my days playing with Josephine indoors rather than braving the cold and heading to the park; spending her nap time watching terrible yet addictive TV instead of doing something a little more creative; eating bad (albeit so tasty) junk food and biting my nails again; watching the length of time between blog posts get longer and longer. Uninspired. 

Over the weekend it occurred to me that I needed to make a change, a conscious decision to get myself moving again. And yesterday was a good day. I did a full-on deep clean of the whole house (Josephine was a mostly awesome helper - occupying herself or happily following me drag the hoover around), I made my very first cottage pie - that one up there, photographed with pride - for Phiney, I did washing galore and hung a load on the washing line for the first time this year and, wait for it, I did an exercise DVD when Josephine was napping. It was intense and insane, but boy did I feel chuffed afterwards. I went to bed last night feeling good and feeling satisfied. Not only feeling more like myself, but also feeling a new sense of achievement; of growth. At learning to do something new and remembering the importance of taking care of myself so I can take care of my little family. 

While we watch in awe at Josephine grow, it's easy to forget that we're growing all the time right now too. Learning everyday how to be better partners to each other and better parents to a toddler who's changing all the time. Sometimes I think a pause is necessary, to rest and rejuvenate. Because, ultimately, if I'm feeling happy and at my best, I can be better at all this homemaking stuff. 

Today I did that exercise DVD again, I received two really exciting emails regarding Happy Circus, Josephine and I wrapped up warm and headed to the park and Ben and I enjoyed a delicious curry and plenty of cuddles on the sofa. 

Despite the rain and cold, spring is most definitely trying to break through. Just look at these sweet blooms in the garden. Soon warmer weather and sunshine will be here, and I can't wait for everything that season will bring. 

ps. I've just announced the winner of the giveaway over here :) 


  1. I know that feeling - uninspired. Mentally and emotionally stretched. watching a few too many trashy tv shows when I should be doing more productive things. It's been like that here the last couple weeks too. I'm thankful for our sunny, early autumn days here in Australia, that are allowing me to try to make the most of it and get things done! Well done on the exercise DVD two days in a row! :) Certainly makes you feel good, hey? x

  2. Well done! Sometimes that's what it takes - a conscious decision, no matter how unappealing it seems at first. That pie looks delicious! I'm going to bake something comforting tonight; you've inspired me! Jen

  3. It comes in waves, Nell. Looks like you're about to catch the next one in. I'm sure it won't be the last lull you experience... there will be so many more. But it would be exhausting being perfect all the time, wouldn't it? Sometimes, a bit of hibernation is exactly what we need. Go easy lovely lady xx

  4. Its true dear Nell, we all have days/moods/waves like these! I find the rainy/cold weather punishing... especially now that Reuben is insatiably active and needing new things to look and touch and see! But the promise of Spring (when the sun pops out, or the flowers begin to bloom) is so nourishing! Be good to thyself xx

  5. That pie looks LUSH! well done you xxx

  6. Hey Nell - well done for getting yourself out of a cycle. We all need some sunshine to kickstart some good moods in our house I think!

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