THE C WORD: the countdown begins

Today, when Josephine and I popped into our local greengrocers, I was hit with the smell of Christmas. Two boxes sat by the door; just delivered, they were piled high. One with Clementines, the other Satsumas. Some of the first of the season, a little crowd gathered round them - admiring this bright orange treasure.

I took two juicy looking Clementines for Ben and I to enjoy while snuggled on the sofa tonight, and gave into the temptation of listening to a Christmas record when we got home; a treat normally saved for December only, but I figure that now we have a child we have a responsibility to extend the joy of Christmas that little longer.

I can hardly believe that Christmas is now so close. Time is whizzing by and it seems a whole week can disappear in the blink on an eye. It's almost the weekend again, and it's going to be a busy one getting everything ready for the launch of some new Happy Circus goodies and our second vintage sale at the beginning of next week. Do you have any fun plans?

Right now though, I'm off to eat that Clementine....


  1. yum, love some good citrus...and here citrus is just going out of season, soon to be replaced by stone fruit.. x

  2. That is hilarious that you listen to Christmas records! Kellie xx

    1. Ha, I'm cool like that Kellie! Only the classic of course. You can't beat a bit of Elvis at Christmas! Xx

  3. While you are marvelling at the first Clementines of the season we are sinking our teeth into the first of the mangoes and the stone fruit. Cherries, peaches and nectarines scream Christmas here for me in Australia and you're right...children help you to indulge in the magic of Christmas so much more. I'm off to have a mango ;)
    HOpe all is lovely in your world.
    Steph :)

  4. I was listening to xmas carols at work today - glad I'm not the only one!

  5. how funny, myboys and i were listening to old school christmas songs on the way to my parents yesterday. i love christmas sooo much xx

  6. Here in Adelaide, when the Christmas Pageant comes to town then Christmas is here. The Pageant was on Saturday - so it's on for young and old!! Enjoy your first Christmas as a family of three - it's pure magic :)

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