PARK LIFE: catching the last light

It feels like autumn changed to winter this week and last night, as the sun began to set and all the other families packed up to head home, we braved the brisk air and popped to the park. Wrapped up in her gorgeous bonnet and new mittens, Josephine swung and bounced and climbed and watched in awe as dogs ran in the park and the older kiddos chased a ball around. We kicked crispy leaves around the empty playground and talked of the Christmas fun that is just around the corner.

We hope you all had a lovey weekend too x


  1. I've been reading along for a while, finally getting around to say hello. Love your blog Nell, and Josephine looks delicious in her winter woolies! :)

    1. Hello Alli, so lovely to have you here :) And yes, so delicious in her winter woollens. Irresistible! Have a lovely week xx

  2. Lovely pictures, particularly that first one! Looks cold, it's so interesting to watch the different changes, on this side of the world we're heading into summer. xx

  3. So beautiful Nell! Isn't it just the nest when the babies are old enough to enjoy the park!

    Keep warm, m'lady

    xo em

  4. i love it when parks are empty, quiet and still. xx

  5. That first picture is so cute! Love the bonnet!

  6. Love the pictures of Josephine on the swing, Nell! Oh so much joy in her little eyes!
    And a little one in knits and woollens makes my heart swoon.

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