The rain round these parts has been insane over the last few days. There has been flooding all around us, roads have been closed and there's been a scary number of emergency vehicles speeding past our window. Getting in the American spirit of things, I'm thankful today that all my friends and family are safe in their warm and dry homes.

All this wind and rain has mostly kept us indoors this week - that and the horrid colds Josephine and I have been nursing. Still, we're both on the mend and the amazing response to the new pieces in the Happy Circus store has kept me smiling when a never-ending runny nose and banging headache could have really got me down. We're already at over 100 likers on the new HC Facebook page, which is amazing, so thank you all so much. If you haven't already, head over here to keep updated with all the goings-on in the store and visit the shop now to solve any Christmas gift issues you may be having. My favourite blouse and dress are still available, and I'll be super-duper jealous of whoever bags these (is it bad that I'm secretly hoping no-one will so I can keep them for Phiney?!)

Tomorrow Ben has the day off and we have such a fun day planned, so I'll be back tomorrow with (festive!) pictures galore. Thank you all once again for your amazing support - a blogger really couldn't ask for a lovelier bunch of followers xx

Pictures of our (actually not so) tiny girl on the verge of taking her first steps, we're sure. There has been lots of falling over and bumped heads as a result, but it's amazing watching her on this adventure. And, yes, she turned 10 months on Sunday and I still have posted her monthly portrait...next week, I promise!


  1. love her green tights - actually she always has excellent style! x

  2. all of the sudden she looks so grown up! wow x

  3. She looks more like you in that last photo!xx

  4. where did you find those knickers. They're amazing!

    1. The fabric is vintage, and my nan whipped them into bloomers! Amazing aren't they :) xx