Hello! After a week of constant headaches and sinus pain, today I feel like I'm properly back in the land of the living. Plus Phiney has slept through the last three nights, after more than 2 weeks of getting up at least once. After 2 months of undisturbed sleep, getting up in the night again has been tough and I'm hoping we've now turned a corner and are back to getting lots of lovely sleep. That's until the next tooth decides to break through of course...

Anyway, with being ill and launching all the new Happy Circus goodies, I realised I haven't told you more about our lovely sponsors. If you're still stuck for some Christmas presents ideas, look no further...

Firstly, the ever wonderful All About Heidi. You know how much we love these gorgeous shoes in our house; you can see Phiney wearing them here, here and here. And whenever she wears them, people come ask where they're from. They're beautifully made and come in the most fantastic range of colours. It broke my heart a little when Phiney grew out of hers, but we'll be back come the spring to buy another pair...or two. So if you have a little one in your life who's feet deserve only the loveliest of shoes, head to All About Heidi.

Next up is Little Green Shed. You all know Lou, right? She's one sweet lady with a sweet shop selling very awesome prints and other pieces for your house. Her blog is always a funny, honest and pretty-to-look at read and her designs are a must-have for every stylish home. Right now I'm wanting this print...it's on my Christmas list, for sure. Plus she just got more of her brilliant teapots back in stock, which are sure to make the ideal present this year.

Finally is the brilliant Tori Hancock Photography. You can read about how much we love Tori and her beautiful pictures here, and see more of her amazing work here and here. If you're looking for a very special gift to give this Christmas, or perhaps want to give your family something wonderful in 2013, a session with this lady will be a present you'll cherish forever. Tori is a very lovely person. She is happy and easy going and fun and takes truly wonderful pictures. I can't say enough good things about her and her talent, so go and check out her work.

Thank you to these lovely sponsors for all your support this month, and I'll be back later in the week with more about the ever-so-stylish Joules. There are still a few spaces left for advertising in December, so please drop me an email for our media pack. Our rates are nice and low and we'll be offering a little Christmas discount too if you're interested.

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