On this lazy Saturday, as a cold chill sets in, I'm sat with the winter sun on my face dreaming of....

This beautiful little house, we'd love to call our own. Just around the corner from where we live now, in the area we want to stay in while Josephine grows and we make more babies. If anyone has a spare £300,000 you'd like to donate to our 'buy a house' fund, just pop me an email...

This fantastic kitchen. I've been swooning over Mel's home for a while now and her blog is definitely worth a visit. How fantastic is that rustic table?

The G Plan vintage collection at John Lewis. My Dad text me a picture of the window display in London earlier in the week and we were both swooning over it. I'd have to take The Fifty Three sofa and chair, in case you were stuck for Christmas present ideas Father dearest!

Family fun in this awesome little tent, found at A Beautiful Mess a while ago. Ben and I are going to make one for Phiney's first birthday so I'm hunting for the perfect vintage fabric.

As soon as Josephine is up from her nap, we're going to wrap up warm and head out for a walk. Stopping at a little antique shop that's closing down and has bargains to be had, just for a look of course, and then buying something yummy to eat for dinner.

Dreaming is cool but, with my favourite boy and favourite girl as companions, real life is better. Happy weekend everyone x

Photograph by Tori. Another one, I know, but when they're so lovely how could I not use them? And life's so busy round here right now I simply haven't found time to pick up the camera. But more on that next week...


  1. That is a gorgeous house Nell. Love the white wood floors. And that G-Plan Vintage Furniture is so lovely. You've set me off dreaming too! x

  2. I love your last sentence about dreaming, made me smile. x

  3. We've just got back from a lovely walk with our two boys, warming up by the fire now. Thanks for your words xx

  4. Your last sentence rings very true for me too - there's nothing I like better than spending time with my favourite boy and favourite girl. A bit of dreaming is always good though, especially when it includes such lovely things.

    That house is beautiful (I did smile though, scrolling through the pictures seeing white room after white room...and then the playroom full of all the colour!) I'm afraid I don't have a spare 300k to send to you though!

  5. That house is a dream Nell. I love the room with the sloped ceilings and skylights. Sigh. If money grew on trees. :) I always have fun looking at the real estate in our area even if we aren't in the market.
    Happy weekend to you (we have our papa home for two whole days so it is a good weekend indeed).

  6. That house is beautiful. Mark and I have a dream about returning to Bath (we were both at uni there back in the 1980's), Mark's brother and family live there too. For now we are happy in Malvern but one day...

  7. great house. white walls and floorboards...sigh.

  8. Oh snap! K and I are making one for Sassy for Xmas so would love to hear how you go! x