Things round here are so busy right now. So so busy. Between knitting a whole bunch of new things for Happy Circus as well as coming up with a range of new bits and bobs too, photographing and pricing the pieces I've collected for my next vintage sale (save your pennies because there are some serious gems to be had...it'll bring a tear to my eye to part from some of it!) and chasing this monkey round the place, the days just zip by.

There are also some exciting new things happening with this space too, which we'll be sharing very soon.

Plus I've been making ears and a tail for my little witches cat for Halloween tomorrow. Boy oh boy Phiney's gonna look cute...


  1. Phiny's crawling photos look like images I could've taken in my own home. Sage now adores flying up our hallway, pausing, turning and flying back down again. Such a wonderful age... but oh, so exhausting! x

  2. Oh! Such lovely photos of Miss Phiny, and like my Reu, is surely an adventurer! We've been busy too with life and crafting and loving and all the rest.

    p.s. So looking forward to purchasing something from your lovely shop!

  3. I have just discovered your beautiful blog and have made myself a cup of tea and am settling in to have a delightful little potter about here. Your knitted goodies are heavenly. Those booties...so lovely! And your wee one is a doll. Wishing you a happy Thursday :) x

    1. Hello Steph! So lovely to have you here, thank you for your lovely comment and for stopping by :) x