Yesterday, while we were celebrating at one friend's wedding, another beautiful friend and her husband were welcoming three daughters into the world. Triplets, naturally conceived; Florence, Livvy and Eloise. All doing well, with just a little help breathing all that was needed.

These are three very special babies, for reasons it's not my place to go into here, and their arrival is greeted with so much love and joy. Liz and Chris are going to make such wonderful parents, a role they've been waiting so patiently for.

We can't wait to meet these gorgeous girls. And we hope you love the Happy Circus knits Mama. They're teeny tiny, but are still likely to be far too big for now. It's also super impossible to find a triplet card, so we set Josephine to work and she produced the best card ever. A very special parcel for some very wonderful people. 


  1. those knits are completely gorgeous, and the card is so sweet!

  2. such lovely news. warmest wishes to them all! and such delicious cardis :)sarah

  3. Wow! Congratulations to your friends, all the best things come in threes : )
    And, as always, amazing knitwear work. Love them all. Jude x

  4. What beautiful names they chose! And gorgeous cardis to match...such a sweet gift Nell x

    1. Aren't they just the sweetest names? I'm dressing the world in Happy Circus knits, one baby at a time ;) x

  5. What beautiful cardis, they are simply gorgeous. a perfect card too! How special to have three lovely girlies x