MONTHLY PORTRAIT: seven months

 Josephine's Monthly Portrait. Taken in her nursery on the 18th of every month. Or in this case the 17th. And while the pictures were taken the day before we went on holiday the words are coming the day after we got home. Because so many things happened with this little bird while we were away...

The continued photography practice has allowed me to capture more of her personality than ever, I think. It's shining through. And what a personality. This girl is the most expressive and animated creature, finding joy in every new experience and discovery. It makes for a very entertaining life for Mama and Papa.  

The month has been filled with highs and lows for Josephine. Three weeks ago my days consequtively started at 4.30am. While Phiney sneaked in 20 minute naps here and there during the day, Mama wasn't quite as lucky and it took its toll. It was tough and our holiday couldn't have come at a better time. Poor Phiney had moving teeth to contend with and Mama-cuddles were the only thing she wanted, 24/7. But, apart from the early starts, the girl dealt with it beautifully. And when we were on holiday THREE teeth popped through in one night, swiftly followed by another the next day. Four teeth in 48 hours. She's a trooper and that makes six in total. Her goofy smile is the most endearing thing we've ever seen.

As well as tripling the number of teeth she has, she's trippled her vocabulary this month too. Alongside a constant string of "Dadada's" we've had "Nana" (much to my Mum and Nan's delight), "Naa-naa" (banana to you and me), "Dolly" and "Dog" (her favourite animal apparantly, she can hear them barking a mile off and spent the whole holiday positive that the seagulls were in fact dogs thanks to their noisey squarks). But my favourite? "Mama." Smile.

She sits so confidently now, claps, walks around when holding your hands and is constantly pulling herself up. Plus there's a crawl just waiting to explode. I can't take my eyes off her now, so goodness knows what it'll be like when she figures that one out. We can't wait. And then there's the new facial expressions. Just wait until you see them.

We love you so much Josephine; our tiny dancer, our little bird. You make our hearts glow brighter than we ever thought possible.


  1. Wow! Seven months already :) She looks like the happiest little thing. Gorgeous girl! X

  2. Beautiful pictures Nell. 4 teeth in 48 hours?! Wowza. What a champ you are Josephine. River has been battling the same one for weeks now, I can feel the bigger right under his gums bit it's been refusing to show its face. I recently got Jim a vanilla Sophie la girafe teether and he's pretty smitten.
    These kiddos of ours are such a joy. Off to check out your st. Ives post. We are currently road tripping on a little vacation of our own.:)

  3. Whaaaat?! Just quietly, I think your girl might be a little bit "Gifted". All those words?! That's crazy! Gus can't say anything at 9 months (mamamama dadadada but not sure if it relates to us), and he certainly can't walk holding hands or clap.. And neither of the 1 year olds I know can do any of those things either.. Maybe she's ready for school? : )
    (Plus she has a pretty face to match the brains, those dimples are divine!)