HOLIDAY: st ives, cornwall

When we booked this holiday at the beginning of February, Phiney was just 3 weeks old. We wondered and imagined what our tiny girl would be like by the time we went.

And then here she is. On the beach, sitting and laughing and eating sand. Bashing down Papa-made sandcastles with her spade and chatting away. Being captivated and amazed by the new sights and sounds of the seaside and bringing a whole new level of fun and joy to our favourite holiday destination.

It was so lovely, so awesome, to be away with my two favourite people for a whole week. To take our little bird to the same place my grandparents took me when I was small. And for my Mum, sister, her boyfriend and my brother to see what she gets up to day to day, living with her for a week.

Strolling along the beach with Phiney on my chest, wrapped against the brisk air and sea spray each morning was the perfect way to wake up and trekking along the coastal path up the cliffs to enjoy the views were some of my favourite moments. Plus the fudge, candyfloss, huge amounts of food, a trip to my grandparent's house and the hot sunshine were pretty darn good too.


  1. Beautiful photos Nell! So so gorgeous! I remember taking Charlie to see the ocean for the first time.. I was quite emotional. And I took three pretty pebbles in different sizes to represent the 3 of us on that day. I still have them stacked on my shelf. x

    1. Lou, that is the lovliest thing! We found a shell just where phiney was having her first paddle and that's now sitting on the shelf in her bedroom :) xx

  2. Ah, you had your holiday! Looks like the weather was kind to you and she looks just so adorable in her stripes on the beach x

  3. beautiful holiday! thanks for the lens tip, its in the mail and I can't wait to play with it when I'm back in Sydney! x

  4. What a lovely holiday! The little one is just too sweet :)

  5. It sounds like a wonderful time!

  6. Lovely to see a photo of a favourite walk of mine. Glad you enjoyed St Ives - a place I have lived in and loved for eleven years.

  7. Oh. You look so wonderful and the baby is so adorable! Your holidays must be so nice. Have you stayed at St. Ives holiday cottages? Any tips for us?