Isn't it always the way that when you have no money and no reason to splash the cash there's a list as long as your arm of cool stuff you're craving, and then it gets to your birthday and you can't remember a single one of them. That's how I'm feeling right now. Can't remember a bloody thing. So I spent last night's feed scouring Etsy and my favourite blogs searching for ideas.

Cool stuff...
1. Mmmm, clearly a bit of a dream gift but I love everything about this Comme des Garçons wallet.
2. Any of Charlotte Farmer's illustrations. Her work is so cool and when I saw her current exhibition I could have happily bought home at least five pieces to hang on our walls. I have this of hers, which serves as a very cool nappy bag, but I'm craving a piece of art now. Please.
3. Kerry appears to have passed on her triangle addiction. I love the simplicity of this necklace.
4. Orla Keily storage jars. I think this pattern is my favourite. As beautifully modelled in this gorgeous girl's super stylin kitchen.
5. I've been wanting some Morrocan tea glasses for a while now. I have a large vintage one and it's time to add to my collection. Again, what colour?!

Oh, and Lou? Great idea about haircuts and massages. I'm thinking of getting my hair chopped, a la Alexa, but waiting until closer to this so it's looking sharp for all those pictures.

Ben has the afternoon off next Thursday so I'm looking forward to some birthday fun just my little family of three, before the rest of the clan head over to shower me in gifts and watch me eat my body weight in cake. Birthdays rock.


  1. OOh love all of these!!! Funny I keep thinking I want an Alexa chop, but don't have the balls. Then I see Rachel Khoo with her long hair and think...nope I like it long. Have a lovely birthday gorgeous.. and do have a relaxing massage, you deserve it! x

  2. Yay for eating one's body weight in cake! Along the massage line, I LOVE aromatherapy facials for special treats. all the different scented products seem to whisk you away into an orange blossom and lavender scented bliss..

  3. Happy birthday!!! Hope you get spoilt and receive some lovely gifts too xx

  4. I want one of everything please? Happy Birthday, and happy cake eating!

  5. It would be a lot easier to shower you in gifts if you'd tell me what you want! xxx

  6. I mostly find anything Orla is perfect!

  7. Happy birthday Nell! Hope you've had a fun day you young thing.....:) Xxx

  8. Looking forward to hearing how the birthday day was.

    ps. Oh Orla. Stop being so perfect and cute. (I'm lucky it costs an arm and a leg to send her stuff back to Aus otherwise my house would be a total shrine)....hope that little jars found their way, wrapped and ribboned, onto your bed on birthday morning x

  9. Charlotte Farmer will be doing an exhibition in Bristol soon. Her prints will be cheaper because there will be no commission added! xx