It's been two weeks since my last post, so if anyone's still over here reading this - thanks for sticking around. While I've been catching up on what you're all doing on my iPhone during late night, early morning and middle of the day feeds, I haven't actually sat at the computer at all. And I can tell you it's been rather lovely. Sometimes I think you need a break from this blogging malarkey to enjoy the real world. I often wonder if I'm too engrossed in the virtual one and at the moment I don't want to miss a second of what's happening right here. But now, having learnt to multi-task a little better, I'm back. Blog posts are written, photos taken and it appears a bit of the anal girl who likes things organised has returned.

The last few weeks we've had family occassions galore, our first road trip with Josephine to Norfolk 5 hours away, tonnes of cleaning to do (rather unsuccessfully I might add) Mama and baby groups to attend, new friends to catch up with and fun days out with this little family of mine - the local food festival on Sunday being particularly yummy! And I've got to say that in the majority there is no photographic evidence of any of it. The sign of a good time is when you don't have chance to pick up the camera I reckon.

So instead I thought I'd snap a few little things from around the house today....
*The latest Vogue and the first fashion magazine I've bought in almost a year. I'm interested again after a hiatus thanks to that growing belly of mine.
*Pretty Tete a Tete from my Mum.
*The spring sunshine glowing through the windows this morning, warming up the living room.
*Beautiful Phiney dreaming away.
*Lovely things from lovely people arriving in the mail...more on that to come.
*A very sweet Mama-made present from Jossphine's little mate Bertie, received after a morning trip to our local cafe earlier today.

ps. I'm aware that about 3 weeks ago I said our birth story would be up here soon... it will be, I promise. Soon. Or soonish at least.


  1. Lovely to hear from you! I've been following your blog since setting up my own blog (about a month ago). It's lovely to hear about your adventures as a new mum :)

    I look forward to reading your birthing story and sharing it with my sister who is a week away from her due date and ready to pop!

    Happy blogging,

    Knittynora xxx

  2. I can only imagine how your priorities shift with the arrival of your precious baby.
    But we will still be here, waiting for when your blogging mojo returns.
    In the mean time, even a few images particularly of Phiney, will suffice.

  3. Not picking up the camera is totally a sign of a good time! You may or may not have your blogging mojo back Nell, but it seems you've well and truly discovered your new mama mojo. More pics of Josephine please! xx

  4. While I miss your posts Nell there couldn't be a better or cuter reason to be having a little break!!
    And I love that you call her Phiney x

  5. I'm still reading :) you have the sweetest blog xx

  6. i love "phiney"...love love. take you time were all still here.

  7. Lovely collection of photos. I'm hugely jealous of your Eames RAR rocker - I've always lusted after one of those.

  8. I am ordinarily a fashion mag nerd but when I'm gestating they become completely irrelevant. Along came wee Rose and with her my penchant for glossies. So funny.