Josephine's first Monthly Portrait. Taken in her nursery on the 18th of every month.

On Saturday Josephine turned 1 month old. Already. In so many ways it's hard to remember what life was like without her and in others it seems like she only arrived yesterday.

Everyday this little bird of ours changes and develops and learns something new. Over the last week she's started chatting away - to us, to herself and to random objects she spies around the house. When we talk to her she looks right into you, concentrating on every word you're saying and every facial expression. Taking it all in and learning how to replicate it. And we've been getting the occassional smile. Her legs and arms start moving excitedly, she starts cooing away and then she flashes us a big ol' grin. Dimples a-plenty. It's the most beautiful thing and we can't wait until those gummy smiles are a daily occurance..

She's always been strong, but now Josephine can hold her whole upper body and head away from you for minutes at a time. Slowly looking around the room, familiarising herself with her home. And she's as laid back as ever. Only crying when she wants food, a change or has a bit of wind. But even then it's pretty fake, stopping as soon as she gets what she wants.

Our first month as a family of three has been beautiful, surprising, tiring, unforgettable, emotional, challenging, life-affirming, tough, fun...the list could go on. In the vast majority it's been divine. But there have been some tricky times too. What's awesome is that we've worked through them. Our little team, figuring out how to make things better. Waking to each new day with a different action plan, testing new methods and slowly working out what works. An ongoing process that will change and develop as Josephine does. But that's all part of this amazing adventure, and we can't wait for every aspect of it. The good, the bad, even the ugly (aka very poopy nappies and Mama's greasy hair).

We're so in love with our Teeny Phiney, she inspires and amazes us every hour, every day.

ps. I'm just editing our birth story... come back later in the week for the full 40 hour journey. Oh yeah. 40 hours. It's a long 'un people.

pps. Like the knitted dungerees? Head to Happy Circus and grab a pair. They come in a whole array of fruity colours and patterns and are downright cool.

ppps. And speaking of Etsy, check out my lovely friend Liz's new Etsy shop. Josephine has one of those little owls hanging in the nursery and it's beautifully made. Go buy one x


  1. Beautiful Nell.
    I love reading the monthly blogs on bubs by their mums.
    I'll be doing Abigail's 6 months on Thursday!!!

  2. Immense dungerz! She is so so lush!xxx

  3. Beautiful! I loved reading your thoughts on your first month as a family of three, it is definitely an emotional, crazy and wonderful time of your life! xx

  4. She is such a cutie Nell, and those knitted overalls... I know a little boy who could definitely rock a pair of those this winter.

    P.S Lovely to 'meet' you too! ;)

    P.P.S 40 HOURS!!!!!

    Jess x

  5. I look forward to each and every post...she is more beautiful with each day. x

  6. she is such a sweetie. I can't wait to read your birth story!

  7. Oh she is perfection and most definitely worth nearly 4 full circles on the clock, no?

    I will read your birth story with interest, Nell. But just know this - whatever happened in those 40 hours you have done an amazing job!! Just look at what you grew inside your body and are now holding in your arms! That's all that matters xx

    Ps. The dungarees - oh my you clever thing!

  8. And how could I forget to say... Happy one month teeny phiney! It's flown!

  9. nell, you are in for a real treat...you can just see she's got such character.

    looking forward to the birth story you amazing woman.

    ps. the best thing is, it gets better and better each day...hard to believe, i know...

  10. One month already .... wow!
    And 40 hours - wowza's!!
    Good thing she is SO cute x

  11. Hello!
    I've just nominated your blog for a Liebster Award - have a look at my blog for what you do next!

  12. Incredible, one month already?! You're just too cute Teeny Phiney. I really (really) miss having a new baby around these parts. Have a lovely weekend, little family of 3. xx Ps I need your address again!

  13. Hi Nell and family,

    I'm absolutely loving reading all about your experience as a new mum and the beautiful pictures. Those dungarees are awesome! My sister is about to become a mum for the first time (due two weeks on Tuesday). I know that she would also love your blog too.

    Sending you happy thoughts and best wishes,

    Knittynora xx

  14. one month...no way. seriously. geez.

  15. I'm blog-hopping around the world tonight and just came across this lovely space. Josephine is gorgeous. Love the idea of a monthly portrait and love a good birth story. I'm sharing my daughters next week for her 6-month birthday!

  16. oh Teeny Phiney, you are one month already? what a journey that small month must have been for you and your parents. getting to know each other is so magical, isn't it? i look forward to watching you grow and reading the story of how you came into this world. much love to you and your gorgeous parents. xx

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  18. beautiful words nell. She is just perfection, in every way!

    xo em