Some lovely things from the week so far...
1. wrapping up presents for some very special people and placing them under the tree. A bit of brown paper and some festive ribbon is all you need.
2. receiving beautiful gifts from friends across the sea, complete with inspiring words and brilliant home-made wrapping paper. Thank you so much Jodi and Che xx
3. watching my nephew Coby in his Oscar-winning performance as the innkeeper in his nursery nativity play. The snow fell outside as we listened to Christmas songs and Co's fantastic tambourine playing. I'm so happy I was on Maternity Leave and able to go see him, and can't wait to see our own kiddos up there doing their thing one day.

Oh I do love all the awesome things that the festive season brings. Now it's back to waiting for the pram to arrive. Between 8am and 6pm apparently. It's now 4.50pm...who wants to bet that it arrives at 5.55pm.


  1. UPDATE: no pram yesterday or today! Maybe tomorrow... Or Sunday! Damn delivery people!! X

  2. oh your grift wrapping is wonderful

  3. There is just so much bloggy love, it kills me. Nothing worse than waiting for a delivery. Hope you didn't have to wait too long. xx