Some snaps from our Saturday afternoon walk along the canal, all bundled up enjoying the December weather and taken using my fancy pants new iPhone. Man I love this thing. And all the genius camera and video apps I have downloaded. Claire, I know you’re playing with the 8mm video camera as much as me. The belly was taken to feed the ducks, splash in puddles and generally have a ball. Give it a couple of months and they’ll be a pram on walks like these.

Saturday morning was just as fun, with my first blogger date – a catch up with the fab Amy from here and here, and her little bundle of loveliness (wearing the most awesome trousers ever I might add) who slept soundly through the whole thing. I’ve watched many bloggers meet up over the last couple of years and always feel a pang of jealousy, so I was so happy when Amy emailed me. We chatted away in a cool little cafe like we’d known each other for ages, so here’s to new friendships and hopefully many more coffees and cakes.

ps. Today, someone at work told me I was the most content, moan-free pregnant lady they had ever met, and that I seemed utterly happy and peaceful. What lovely things to say.

pps. Hello Braxton Hicks!


  1. what a gorgeous spot for a walk. love the look of your photos!

  2. finding you on instagram RIGHT NOW!

    I'm beetleshack- wait for me!

    xo em

    p.s what a lovely observation from a work mate, go you!

  3. Good god you were right about the pants. Weirdly enough, I think I actually saw a kid wearing them in Bondi last week. I yelled out 'great pants!' (as you do) to his mum as they flashed past us on a scooter, but she never had time to tell me where they came from. Kellie xx PS gorgeous comment from your work mate! Moan free is really pretty impressive.

  4. Can I just say seeing wellies (or "gumboots" as we australians call them) makes me so glad! I really should get some, what with all the crazy rain we've been having... I second your work colleague; you are a particularly happy and peaceful lady, pregnant and all!

  5. If I ever come to Bath you know there is coffee and cake with our names on it. And regarding what your work mate said, I'm not surprised in the slightest! xx

  6. Em - I have just set up my profile on Instagram, woo! I'm firstdayofmarriage - find me! (and anyone else who wants to!)

    Just spent ages looking at your pictures - hello gorgeous bride!! xx

  7. Bianca - you know it. One day lady...coffee and cake. Even if we're travelling to Sydney baby.

    ps. Braxton Hicks - massive excitement. Ahhh, we're going to have a baby!!!! xx

  8. Ah Nell, you are so very lovely and I look forward to sharing more cuppas with you very soon. It was such a pleasure to meet you on Saturday. Hope your last week of work going nicely - only two days left! And you're welcome to borrow the harlequin pants for your bubba. Amy x

  9. gorgeous pics, yes... the vintage photography apps are very addictive! Wait til you have the perfect subject - a little bubba - then you'll really go crazy! x