Bump Day. 35 weeks down.

Today I started my last week at work, and boy am I glad it’s finally arrived. I honestly cannot believe it was 23 weeks ago that I told work we were pregnant and it’s going to be so surreal come the end of the week. No more Sunday evening blues for me.

This week, the nesting has gone into overdrive. I spent the day yesterday sorting the living room and our bedroom. Hanging the remaining pictures (myself, I might add – check out the handyman skills), cleaning window frames, washing curtains and packing away the clothes that B has had sitting on the chest for about 3 weeks. I have never been a cleaning fanatic, but I have to say I loved every minute. What strange urges this pregnancy malarkey can bring.

Tonight I’m thinking it’s the turn of the bathroom, and tomorrow the kitchen. During which time B will have finished painting the nursery and cleaned the carpet, so Wednesday I can start moving everything in. I’m also going to start the rather massive task of washing all baby-related items and can’t wait to see those teeny things hanging from the clothes horse. A glimpse of things to come…


  1. You are bringing back to my mind the fondest memories of the last month: washing all those baby clothes, making the nursery a cosy part of the home, buying the last few missing items and watching that belly grew more than you ever imagined possible as you sit at home on maternity leave, impatiently waiting to meet your bubba. It's all so magical. And the wonderful thing is that the greatest is yet to come. Hugs sweet Nell. You are carrying that baby beautifully. xx

  2. yay for the last week of work! :) oh your little baby is going to be in your arms before you know it! And oh those nesting urges are pretty incredible right? Like you, I'm not a cleaning fanatic (at all) but our house definitely benefited from my nesting when I was pregnant with Brooks, and I'm excited for it to kick in (hopefully soon;)

    good luck with all the baby linens and clothing washing! <3

  3. wow, you are productive! and you look beautious!

  4. Strangely, I never had the nesting urge with my 2. Cleaning (pregnant or not) is just not in my DNA. Or so Dave tells me. Hooray for 35 weeks. xx

  5. they say that the last burst of nesting energy hits two weeks prior to delivery. maybe you will go early.

  6. Really Kristi? Better not get too excited over Christmas then!! Xx

  7. Whoa Nelly...remember to slow down and rest, don't go too crazy!

    Congrats on finishing work, what a great feeling!

    Love the bump, not long now...

  8. You are definitely in the nesting phase :) Be sure to rest as well though and don't overdo it. I had a 'must do' list and a 'would like to do' list before Sophie arrived. I focused on the must dos and anything else I crossed off was a bonus. By the last weeks, I was too tired to do much other than relax and enjoy simple days with by big girl so don't worry if things aren't exactly as you'd like x