It’s been a crafty old place round here over the last few weeks, what with mammoth Happy Circus orders, quilts, pillows, presents and what not all being made. Most recently? Some crazy felt creatures my sister and I have been making for nephews, god-daughters and unborn babies.

Next on my list though, and maybe one for when Maternity Leave starts, is a cloud. And there’s some amazing inspiration out there on the cloud front, believe me. Colours and faces and falling raindrops; how’s a girl to choose what to include? I do love Kristi’s though. It’s utter simplicity is so calm and lovely, don’t you think? And now I’ve mastered the blanket stitch (something I got very excited about – overly excited you might say) I’m good to go…

These clouds? A whole host from the always wonderful Donna Wilson.


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  2. Ooo Nell, you've now gone ahead and given me another baby gift idea for that bub of yours.
    Loving all things clouds as well. xx

  3. you crafty pregnant minx, you!
    Love the clouds... can't wait to see what you come up with.

    And congrats on all the sales. I still need to order a bow for Lalie! :)

  4. love love loving those clouds. simple and perfect. i'm going to get my cloud on soon. so many vintage floral fabrics i want to use!

  5. Gorgeous! I have just finished some Etsy inspired clouds for my little boys room...a couple blog posts back if you want to have a look :).

  6. Hi Nell, thanks so much for stopping by! Ooh, I love this space, you have excellent taste (in clouds, and all things). And you are looking amazing, enjoy the last few weeks, they fly by! (Then drag to a halt if you go past your due date, haha).

  7. I've always wanted to make a cloud for Everly's room, but alas my crafty skills are few and far between! They do look quite simple to make though, so I'm sure I could put together quite a dodgy-looking one eventually! Looking forward to seeing what you create - I'm sure it will be amazing! :)

  8. I am loving clouds too. Wish I had your skills and could make one/some myself!