I must say I've had a few rather successful shopping days this week, on the baby front. We're so lucky to live in such an awesome city with amazing independent boutiques that don't cost the earth yet offer something a bit different for folks like us who have an aversion to pastel colours and things plastered in teddy bears.

Right now one of my favourite stores is
this place. I'm obsessed with bits for our house (I put it down to a rather large belly both prohibiting any point in buying new clothes and also causing the need to nest) and they have beautiful things a-plenty. Including these two hand-printed cards for the nursery and this Anorak wash bag that is perfect for reusable nappies.

And then today my Mum and I spent way too long in this store, browsing the prettiest Christmas decorations and crockery. When our hands were too full to pick up anything else, we knew it was time to pay and get out of there before it was too late...


  1. I love Rossiters!! The xmas bit is the best bit!! Am planning my own Xmas shopping trip there soon! x

  2. Bloomsbury is the best for gifts isn't it? Love the cafe too although it's not very pram friendly to get up there! x

  3. Oh I'm jealous of anyone with easy access to Orla Kiely. My bank balance, however, is much safer living in Australia.

  4. Thank you for sharing the whole waterproof bag for reuseable nappies idea. I was wondering what I would do when I went out!

    I am a few weeks behind you in the first baby stakes (albeit on the other side of the world) - 29 weeks tomorrow - and it has been lovely to follow your blog given that we are going through somewhat similar experiences.

  5. I've been nesting like kerazy at the moment as well and I can't even use the pregnancy excuse!

    Glad you've had such a fun weekend! xx