Bump Day. 27 weeks down.

Today my sister and I hit some local charity shops on the search for some bargains to add to our homes. I scored a porcelain rabbit, a couple of Enid Blyton books from the mid-60s and a Fisher Price house that it turns out both B and I had when we were kids, all for the nursery. Oh, and a little something for the cutest baby in all of blogland.

I've been searching everywhere for nursery inspiration recently, and there's plenty out there to be had. I can't wait to start styling up that little nook of our house, ready for the day we bring this little one home.


  1. that is my favorite way to shop for nursery decor, the more loved/worn the better. can't wait to see it all come together.

  2. wow, gorgeous colours in these pics. maybe my fav bump photos thus far. you are radiant! happy nesting lady. des bisous xx

  3. I love your bump - you look totally amazing. I hope you feel it too.
    I also love Enid Blyton books - so takes me back!!

  4. Looking good lady!
    Love the cushions and the crochet :)

    Have fun with the nursery, let your inner child loose!

  5. SUPER cute you are, just propped up on the sofa there Nell! Love the little sneak peak into your place too. Looks gorgeous! xx

  6. and i can't wait for you to share how that darling little nook turns out! :) And how incredibly sweet that you found a similar Fisher Price house that mom & dad both had childhood memories with...and now baby can enjoy and make even more memories :)

    PS - i adore your eclectic pillows, and that bump is looking cute as ever :)

  7. that yellow cardi is gorgeous...but the bump is even better.

    as for spoiling poet - you are far too sweet! x

  8. You are the cutest pregnant lady (have I said that already?)! Love your mustard cardi too.

    Personally feel way behind on getting things ready for the baby space baby's corner of the nursery. I think I may have planned too many DIYs to fit into 12 weeks (plus all sleep). Eep. Hope you're feeling as well as you look :)

  9. You are looking stunning my friend!! That yellow is perfection on you.

    Nothing like a bit of op shopping- I'll look forward to seeing poets loot!

    Xo em

  10. I haven't been on a good op shop recently, maybe I need to organise a little shopping trip soon! Sounds like you did well!