Bump Day. 24 weeks down. 6 months already.

The belly continues to grow, grow, grow. Last week, on the same day, a man in the sandwich shop exclaimed that I surely couldn't have too much longer to go while a lady at work, who I hadn't seen for months, couldn't believe I was 6 months gone, the bump was so neat and tiny. And when I saw my Dad he had forgotten over the course of lunch that I was even pregnant. But then that's my Dad. You can always count on him. I suppose every bump's different and that's the beauty of them. I've got to say, I think mine's baking away rather nicely so far.

New this week in the journey that is pregnancy, is heartburn. Savage, horrid heartburn. I've never suffered from it before, so it's a lovely treat. Not. It's times like these that the old wives tales start coming out. Apparently this means the baby will have lots of hair. We'll see.

6 months seems like a real milestone to us. Not too much longer until we meet you little one. And we're so blasted excited about that.


  1. Gosh Nell, it's like you have suddenly popped out! Or is it the stripes? Seems more bumplicious from last weeks picture! It is indeed very exciting, any luck on the buggy decision? Lou xx

  2. Your looking great!
    So yes.. they do say heart burn and reflux means a hairy head... I had shocking reflux and yes, Abi has hair... Not much, but some.
    As soon as I gave birth it was gone.
    I got reflux from sweet and acidic stuff... Ate a small chocolate after I had been induced... Had the most horrible reflux during labour... Abi was born... Reflux GONE!
    Not long now.

  3. Pretty gorgeous bump if you ask me!

  4. Nothing better than a striped bump, I say! Looking lovely...

    I've suffered terrible heartburn throughout pregnancy - and it was new to me too. I've managed to keep it at bay by scoffing Andrew's Tums tablets (can you get these in the UK?) and eating small meals throughout the day. Avocado is a great snack - and apparently almonds are a goodie for easing heartburn.

    People tell me it disappears almost as soon as the baby has been born...here's hoping!

  5. Oh no you poor thing with the heartburn- that's not nice at all!
    Love your stripey top. (I have a thing for stripey tops!)

  6. Your belly is beautiful! And haha I've never heard that old wive tale, it is a funny one!

  7. beautiful belly, the heartburn not so much, hope it passes quickly!

  8. Beautiful stripey bump - you're looking good. I never had heartburn & had hairless babies so the OWTale may just be right.

  9. Boo for the heartburn :( Your bump is looking lovely! And seemingly a similar size and shape to mine I must say ;)
    People have started asking me when I'm due all the time now.
    p.s that is so funny about your dad :)Fathers!

  10. six months already that flew by. for me. x.

  11. I'm catching up on all your bump days and I can't believe how your belly has "popped"! You are glowing Nell belle. Pregnancy really suits you!

  12. you look awesome!

    hee! heartburn= hair. i like superstitions like this!