Some rather lovely things that are making me a happy bunny today and cheering up the day. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the day a little brighter. Something I’ve noticed more and more recently. Maybe it’s the little hands and feet knocking me in the belly that remind me the best things always come in small packages.

Firstly is this beautiful book. I saw a copy in a store in town and had to grab it. It’s basically how I want our house to be. Plus it’s written by Emily Chalmers, the owner of Caravan. Such a cool shop. The gal knows what she’s talking about.

Next is this awesome package from Kelly. The magnetic buttons are making their way to the fridge right now and I’m trying to decide whether to use the card and label or just keep them for myself. Thank you lovely Kelly.

A few days ago I got a message from Hinke, letting me know she was showcasing some of my Happy Circus booties on her blog. I was so happy to receive such a note, as it led me back to House of Hink. A beautiful blog from another corner of the world. Go check it out.

Another bundle of treats from the knitting machine that is my Mum, including these dungarees which are up there with my favourite pieces for the baby. And she made the pattern up as she went along. We’re building some ideas for her additions to Happy Circus and I think these have made the grade.

And this brilliant card, drawn by my sister and sent to us from her crazy rattakins to say thank you for the new cage B grabbed off the forums at work for a bargain price. Apparently Bette, Diane and Goldie are loving the extension to their home. Name explanation? Dora and I love the movie First Wives Club.

Oh, and thank you for the brilliant comments on our nappy quandary. It was so good to read some first-hand reviews and find out what works and what doesn’t. What fabulously helpful readers I have. Don’t go anywhere…your services may be required again.


  1. yay for that book! That looks like a must-have to me too. drool.

  2. books, buttons, darling knit baby clothes, and that card from your sister...loved it all :) happy wednesday friend!

  3. Just pre-warning your Mum, I will be ordering 2 cardigans, a pair of knitted pants and those dungarees (overalls here in Aus!) when she's good to go in Happy Circus :)

    toooo cute!

  4. So many cute things .... I think I might just be needing to get my hands on a copy of that book!

  5. Hey gals - I have no clue what is going on with blogger right now. For some reason it's not letting me leave any comments on your blogs and has double spaced this post all of a sudden. It's having a funny day me thinks. xx

  6. such fun links...thanks lovely. i been out of blogland for a while and had to pop in to see some of your bump photos...so i am off to peek around. how are you?

  7. Yes to dungarees. Yes Yes! I need to have another baby so I can buy some mustard booties. Hope you had a lovely weekend Nell. xx

  8. love the dungarees! orange buttons - too cute! x