Holiday 2011 was so much fun. The house was lovely, the weather pretty good and the fudge plentiful. I wonder how much of the 20 week Bump Day photo is baby and how much is fudgy goodness to be honest. It only showered a bit on two days and armed with a beach tent it wasn’t enough to keep us off the sand, in true British fashion.

We also found some lovely treats for The Belly and had a grand time at my Grandparent’s house when we visited them near Lands End. Much to my excitement, B and I came away with the Bramley Hedge box sets my Grandma read to my sister and me when we were little. These were some of our favourite tales and they’re on loan to me until my sister has a little one of her own someday. Boy or girl, who can resist such adventures? When she gave them to me, my Grandma said that they’ll be back where they belong; in a nursery being read to little ears.

Those gorgeous nephews were as fun as ever, and after a bit of trepidation I managed to get them both into the ocean for a paddle. Ty even took his “surfing board”. It was quite an achievement and we had a lovely time jumping wave after wave. And I got to spend 11 uninterrupted days straight with that boy of mine, which was pretty darn heavenly.

It’s weird settling back into work now, setting the alarm clock and trying to remember how to type. Still, I only have 15 weeks left until my maternity leave starts. Not that I’m counting.

Shout out to the St Ives Massive xx

ps. Sending happy thoughts to our beautiful friend Lizzie and her man. We love you and know all things will be as they should soon. Just keep believing xx


  1. They are the best holidays, I love being able to spend that amount of time with my husband it always hurts to go back to normal!

  2. I've never seen beached, moored boats before. It looks bizarre. (Extreme tides, I suppose?) Your holiday sounds fun fun! I want a holiday too. Kellie xx

  3. Glad you guys had a fantastic time. Welcome back! xx Ps I'm with Kellie, those boats are beautiful but also look quite bizarre. And is that sand?? I thought you only had pebble beaches in Blighty.

  4. I'd never realised how odd the boats look when the tide goes out, but I suppose it is rather strange! Lots of sandy beaches Bianca, more than pebble ones for sure! You need a trip to Cornwall xx