This started off as a post about boobs. More specifically my huge, huge pregnancy boobs and how yesterday I had to do a spot of bikini top shopping before we head off on holiday. When I was about 8 weeks pregnant I had to buy a couple of bigger bras and then about 2 weeks ago, I had to buy even bigger bras. I’ve always been what some may say is blessed in that department but this is getting ridiculous. A 32 DD on someone who is as vertically challenged as me (5ft 1” ish), well it’s surprising I can stay standing upright.

So that was going to be it. But I wanted to add something else too. A couple of posts ago I wrote about how it wasn’t bothering me at all that my new PJ bottoms were a size bigger to make room for the growing belly. Well it didn’t. Until B took some bump photos of me on Sunday and I got all bummed out about how, now the smallest thing about me (my waist) is disappearing, my short rather dumpy legs appear even dumpier. And I know they’re not, because I’ve actually put on very little weight and all my trousers are still fitting perfectly – well, apart from that top button. But bummed out I still got. In fact, I admit that the picture I posted was carefully chosen as it was the only one that hid said dumpy legs from you all.

It annoys me that this got me so down. After all, B thinks I’m even more awesome than before (his words, not mine) and that actually I’m hotter than ever (again, his words). That he’s loving the boobs as much as the belly. Unsurprisingly. Next time I’ll try to be brave and post those dumpy legs with pride.

Reading all your lovely comments on the Bump Day pictures has certainly cheered me up and now I’m feeling decidedly non-bummed out and on a bit of a high actually. So thank you lovely readers, and a big hello to all those now visiting by way of Em’s blog x

Pictures of some ice creams being devoured. Because ultimately you only get dumpy legs one way. And with our holiday next week and such yummy things to look forward to, I have to say...sod getting down about it and bring on the tasty Cornish treats.


  1. ahahahah excellent! Just wait till you give birth to that sucker and your milk comes in- serious porn star status right there.

    xo em

  2. Don't get bummed about it.
    But I do know how you feel... I now weigh as much as my husband and that has totally bummed me out... Too scared to step back on the scales now incase I weigh more than him.
    Oh. And Ice Cream ROCKS!

  3. Having a baby is a profound change to your life and most of the changes, like to your body, are completely out of your control. Can be pretty hard to come to terms with! Kellie xx

  4. Oh Nell! I've been thinking how perfectly gorgeous you look! I've been reading and looking at a few mum-to-be blogs and thinking that you all look so good (Jodi, Anna, yourself). I struggle with my own appearance now let alone if I was pregnant, so I can understand the feelings behind it- but you have to believe B and your lovely readers- you look great and you're growing a baby!

  5. i saw something somewhere yesterday (prob in a shameful gossipy magazine) that kelly brook had tweeted that men were staring at her on the beach like she was a gelato :) well i'm not sure i'd say that about myself (ever) but i can definitely say you'll have many admiring glances on holiday too! and btw i have serious bump envy. you look amazing! x

  6. I know exactly how you feel Nell but I always tried to reconcile my sometimes negative feelings about my changing body with the fact that it was growing something so freakin amazing so it could do as it pleased. Does that make sense?

    You look amazing. xx

  7. I agree with Em: when the milk comes, the boobs are on the verge of exploding they are so damn big! On the other hand, I now have the opposite problem whereby since I stopped breastfeeding my boobs are pathetically small (smaller than before, and nature was not kind to be in that area!). Ha ha, anyway all part of the amazing experience of being pregnant!

  8. Feeling. Your. Pain. Yep, am feeling it. I wish I didn't get so bummed out about putting on pregnancy weight (unlike you I actually am putting on weight -- 5, maybe 6kgs at this point and I'm not even HALF WAY!Gah!) and my legs actually are dumpier, not just in my imagination. I know because my boots are too tight. Sad. But never mind, we're getting our sweet babies out of this! Also, I can see that you look absolutely gorgeous :)

  9. oh lovely. as exciting as it is to grow someone, it is also a challenge to watch yourself grow too. i remember checking everyday to see if had stretch marks, the thought terrified me. i got them on my last day of being pregnant with quinn. i cried my eyes out, and the next day after he was in my arm all was forgotten. don't worry about the weight...it will all be forgotten. x.

  10. Hi beautiful muma. I'm just finding time to let you know that we received the booties and they are divine! You are truly the sweetest and we'll be sure to return the favour in a few months time. Enjoy the growing of that precious bundle and take good care.

    Love Jodi & Poet x

  11. Just found your beautiful blog and wanted to say hello! I'm 28 weeks preggers right now and I have to say I hear ya about the boobs! and the emotions, haha! I had to buy bigger bras very early on too and let me tell you these suckers have gotten heavier. Just tryin' to embrace alllll that comes with this beautiful little babe, but I for sure know how you feel.

    Your little bump looks beautiful by the way, hope you're feeling well :)