Two little birthdays for two not-so-little boys. Coby turned 3 yesterday (actually on Feb 29th, but his substitute birthday is the 28th) and Tyler turned 5 today. There was cake, there were sweets, there were presents galore. But most of all there were two very hyper kiddos loving every second of all the attention. Oh, and B stealing all the toys to play with.

So happy birthday to you both little ones. Being swept along by the whirlwinds you cause is always hilarious fun and it's hard not to smile for every minute we spend with you. What awesome people you're becoming and what crazy adventures you have to look forward to.

We love you both, love Auntie Nell and Uncle Ben xxx


  1. This is so sweet!!
    Happy Birthday to Coby and Tyler!!

  2. I have always wanted to meet someone with a birthday on Feb 29! These two are very cute, I love kids birthday parties!

  3. happy birthday to your nephews. such amazing birthday cakes!

  4. seriously your such a sweet auntie nell.

  5. What wonderful photos, and such a yummy looking chocolate cake!