How I love a pretty parcel. A good present is all in the wrapping, don't you think? This may be the reason I have a box full of ribbons and spend just as long choosing pretty things to decorate a gift as I do choosing the present itself.

The first is a little something from B. A new pot of my favourite Cath Kidston bluebell hand cream, all wrapped up a treat. And received just as the pot my Mum gave me for Christmas ran out. Oh, what a husband.

The second, a yummy looking pompom garland that was sent on Friday and which I'm hoping will arrive in Germany before a certain lady heads off Down Under. Jammy so-n-so.

ps. It wasn't until I hit Publish Post that I realised how beautifully matching these parcels were. How very coordinated of me.


  1. I do love a beautifully wrapped gift too!
    With our wedding registry, all the gifts came wrapped in silver paper with beautiful white ribbon.
    I have miles and miles of white ribbon!
    All gifts are now wrapped and co-ordinated with white ribbon now!

  2. Presentation is key...and these are beautiful!! Plus, isn't it so much fun to wrap a pretty package? :)

  3. Ooh yes, lovely packages you have here! Love your tags too :)

  4. Oh wow, what a lucky lady! Thank you so so much. You're such a talented chica and I know it will be beautiful. ooo I can't wait. It will arrive before Sydney and if not then I will have an awesome surprise awaiting my return. The wrapping is divine. And go B!

    fyi: http://www.frankie.com.au/every-day/1539-frankie-is-back-in-the-uk

    But don't rush out and buy the latest one. No reason... xxx

  5. Love your sweet little packaging!! & I love the red & white theme! Hope your sweet little shop is doing great!! xo.

  6. Your wrapping is just beautiful!

  7. i love wrapping paper and ribbon and sweet little ties. the gelato pom pom garland sounds lovely

  8. Beautiful wrapping Nell. I loved opening up my hair bow.
    Which by the way has been completely stolen by my daughter. Already at age 3 she is stealing my stuff! At least she has good taste.
    I did get to wear it once though! Will send you a pic soon x

  9. Totally adorable! I want to learn to wrap gifts like that.