So my little blog has won an award. The Versatile Blogger award, from the lovely Kellie. I'm not entirely sure what the award name means but a prize is a prize, right, so I'm taking it. I'm to link back to the person who awarded it to me, divulge seven things about myself, and pass it on to seven great blogs I follow (letting them know via a comment).

So here we go...

1. B is the only boy I’ve ever kissed and was my first boyfriend. I was the geekiest (so we all know that bit’s still true), most naïve girl ever and then I met B. He was a bad influence. But the two years at sixth form were some of the most fun of our lives. Even if my grades did plummet.

2. I hate cheese. I can just about tolerate a small amount on pizza and lasagne, but my worst nightmare is a grated cheese sandwich. Hello pukesville. This is tough when you’re married to the world’s biggest cheese lover.

3. My Dad is a Costume Designer so I’ve spent many a fun time in wardrobe departments around the world and found myself in some pretty random situations. I once had a conversation with Tom Hanks in the middle of a marshy field; when B and I were visiting my Dad in Berlin we ended up clubbing with Jackie Chan and his entourage and my sis, bro and I once went to a cinema in Prague with Bruce Willis.

4. I have an irrational fear that one day an insect or creature will get caught in my hair. This has led to a serious phobia of anything that flies or jumps. Birds, moths, grasshoppers, frogs. They all freak me out. Give me a spider any day.

5. I can’t eat dairy. Oak milk is my savour. Although I am partial to a soy hot chocolate.

6. When I was a kid, the other children in my class used to call us The Adams Family because we were a bit different to all of them. I think they meant it as an insult but we took it as a complement. My Mum installed in us the belief that unique and different is best. Plus, man oh man, we loved that movie.

7. My favourite colour is green. My favourite shade changes everyday.

I'm passing this on to:

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Pictures taken on Sunday when my sis and I took the boys to the park. It gets dark here at 4.30 now. And Ty's just in a t-shirt because he was running round like a crazy person for about half an hour before this was taken. Just in case you were thinking I was a terrible Auntie!!


  1. So sweet of you to pass the award on to me, Nell! I loved learning things about you that I didn't know. :) xoxo

  2. Costumer designer for a Dad, the Adams family compliment and marrying your childhood sweetheart- oh, what sweet little insights.

  3. Yay congrats on your award lady !! that's great and a good reason to celebrate tonight (any reason for a good glass of wine)... funny to learn all this stuff about you (I'm with you on the fear of birds, I freak out if one get too close, ridiculous but true) xxx

  4. Wonderful getting to know you a little better-isn't that the best thing about blog awards?

  5. YOU HATE CHEESE?!?!?!

    I don't know if we can be friends.


  6. Congrats on the award - So interesting to read more about you!
    i do love my cheese though although i tend to overindulge sometimes....
    Being differnet is definetely a good thing!!!

  7. super sweet! loved your seven things and congrats!

  8. Awards are a little bit fun, aren't they? Congrats.

    I love the fact that B is the only boy you've kissed. I think that is perfect (even though it feels ever so slightly weird to say that to a stranger ...)

  9. What a lovely post!

    I'm not a big fan of cheese either! I can eat cheese sandwiches, but in any other format (especially melted, ie. on pizza/lasagne/cheese on toast...) I can't stand it!


  10. such interesting little facts! thanks for sharing :)

  11. That is crazy fun that you had all those adventures with your dad! v. cool :)

  12. Thanks Nel for the tag. I love that you were called the Addams Family. All the cool adults were teased at school I reckon. Oh and your dad is the coolest. Can we swap?? x

  13. Love your seven tid-bits! You are adorable!! xo.

  14. How fun you have gotten to meet some famous people and had great experiences with that!
    I hope you have been having a great week!

  15. how cool is your dad's job?? I love this list and getting to know you even more, green is one of my fav's too and you've just confirmed that you and B are the cutest couple I've ever seen!x

  16. That last photo is so sweet! and congrats on your award

  17. Nell, congrats on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me. It's my second Versatile Blogger award, yay! Here are the things about moi: http://smallesthings.blogspot.com/2010/07/stamp.html

    Also, my reactions to bullet #1 "aww, so romantic", point #2 "oh no!" (that's the French in me. I lurve cheese!), and point #4 *giggles*!

    Have a great weekend in beautiful Bath, sweetest blog lady.


  18. cheese, how could you not like cheese?
    my fav colour is green too!!

  19. Hey Nell loved reading your list. It made me giggle – but what – no cheese? How is this possible? xx

    PS. LOVE a soy hot chocolate. I drink milk but think hot chocolate tastes so much better with soy milk.
    PPS. With you 100% on the green thing. It changes shades daily too for me.

  20. Lovely post - uniqueness is definitely a gift! xxx

  21. congratulations, :)
    I love the adams family film too (and being unique is the absolute bomb!)