Today at work I overheard a conversation that kinda got me grumpy. It was between two middle-age ladies about how rubbish all men were. Not some men or their men, but all men. They moaned about how men never do anything, can’t be relied on or trusted and are just waiting to screw you over. I wanted to stand up and say “hey there! My man happens to be pretty awesome thank you very much.” And I’m sure you all think the same about yours.

Is this an age thing, a generation thing? Or have these two ladies been hurt and maybe find it hard to forgive men in general?

I’ve spent ages looking through the Pacing the Panic Room archives looking for a post Ryan did on this very subject a while back. I remember reading it and really feeling bad for the good guys who are working hard and loving lots and just get lumped in with the idiots. It’s cool reading a guy’s blog and I love Ryan’s space; it’s something a bit different and is intriguing to see the world through his eyes. Plus the dude knows how to write with passion.

“There is so much talk about this new modern man lately, and how great it is that they love their kids, and don't treat their wives like assholes, and the whole thing is annoying to me. Fathers love their children. They love their wives. It isn't a revolution…There have always been brilliant women, there have always been caring husbands and fathers. (My kids) will grow up and have both a brilliant strong woman in their life, and a dad that cherishes his family and fights time to be with them as much as possible. So the cycle will go on, just like it always has.”

So here’s a shout out to all the boys out there who rock. Who love their ladies and aren’t afraid to show it. Who take joy in making a house a home and cook and clean as much as the girls. Who are crazy fun to be with and who provide a nice buff shoulder to lean on, without even a hint that it’s needed. Who are just downright awesome.

ps. The Good Guys. A picture of my rockin' boy and some of his rockin' mates on the stag night!

pps. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about our wedding album. We adore it and I think that since last night we’ve looked at it about 11 times! And Dawn, you should definitely design your album soon…Christmas present idea for hubby dearest maybe?! xx


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Love the concept of your blog, it's adorable.


  2. amen sister, here's to the lovely boys we have, and i know there are others out there too! x

  3. I just found your blog today and I really love it. I too married my teenage sweetheart and I'm madly in love with him. There ARE great guys in this world, great post!! :)