That insanely awesome, mega cool guy of mine is home. He's doing some crazy yoga positions as we speak to try and ease the pain a 6 hour car journey does to his screwed lower back (Sciatica's a bitch!) He was greeted with plenty of hugs and kisses. Our flat is home again now he's back.

While B’s been away I’ve been getting his anniversary present sorted. I’m not sure how we’ll celebrate the anniversary of us getting together from next year onwards now we’re married but we’re ‘give presents and celebrate whenever possible’ kinda people, so we’ll probably do the same as always! This October we’ve been together for TEN YEARS. Oh yeah, it’s a big one. So I’ve got two awesome presents lined up.

Now it’s back to some knitting. I’ve had a couple of days break, what with occupying myself while B was away with a trip to my Mum’s on Monday night to watch TV and generally catch up on some gossip and then a slumber party with my Sis last night, complete with pizza, chocolate and a copy of Knocked Up in true girly style. But I did finish the other booties and bobble hat I have been working on. How very snugly it all looks.

By the way - did anyone watch Cherrie has a Baby on Monday night, BBC Three? If you can, you should. It was so good. Firstly I freakin love Cherrie Healey. She cracks me up. Plus she rocks shiny leggings like i've never seen. And she's 8 months pregnant while she's wearing them. As someone who may be thinking about babies next year, this program was a real insight and followed Cherrie through in teh last 7 weeks of her pregnancy as she visits 7 other expectant mums, aging from 15 to 46, as she works out what the best age is to have your first child. Next week it's Cherrie gets Married. Genius.


  1. Sounds like you had some totally awesome girly times while hubby was away!

  2. your slumber party sounds so fun and again your knitting is amazing lady! wow, ten year is something very special, get those pressies lined up!

  3. Congratulations on nearly 10 years. Impressed with your knitting progressing so quickly too, I've hit a bit of an impass with mine but hopefully tonight I'll get some more done.

  4. Adorable knits!!!
    Happy 10 year anniversary, that's so nice :) Our 4 year is coming up in a couple weeks. Have a great day!!