So today has been a mixed bag of things really. Firstly I weighed myself and have lost another pound. Yey me! Next I had the dreaded meeting.

I’ve been put forward for a salary increase. Slightly less than I had hoped, but not too bad. Like B said, working at I job I like with people that I have fun with and being happy while I work seriously trumps a few extra pounds a month. Downside? My increase has been put forward with the business plan and they won’t be able to confirm it’s all gone through until 16th September. So another two week wait is ahead of me. My boss is pretty hopeful it’ll all go through OK, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed too. The more I think about it the happier I am so I’m hoping I’m not setting myself up for a fall in two weeks.

Next? I had an email today letting me know our wedding album is in the post. On its way. This is super duper exciting news. We cannot wait for it to arrive and spend the evening curled up flicking through the pages seeing lots of smiling faces all having the coolest day ever.

And finally. Well, it’s Friday. I mean is there anything better than the feeling a Friday evening gives you? Knowing the weekend’s spread out before you and who knows what it could hold. Two whole days before heading back to work. Two whole days with B. Oh yeah. That’s a lovely warm feeling inside right there.

I've bought some more wool to start on the mammoth Christmas gift list I've put together and plan on spending the weekend knitting up a storm!


  1. Yayy on the possible salary increase front! I'll keep my fingers tightly crossed for you!

    Oh how I wish I was better at knitting! Maybe when the colder weather arrives, I'll feel like practising more...

    *high five fellow Robots fan!* I am indeed a Boosh fan! I saw the last tour too! Seriously awesome stuff. Right, I'm following your blog right away. You have awesome taste! haha.

    Have a lovely weekend! A xx

  2. Haha, right back at you...when I saw 'Robots in Disguise' on your profile I thought "this is a girl i'm gunna like!!" Have an awesome weekend xx

  3. Yay congrats on the increase! So glad it's working out for u :) And exciting about the wedding album too. Our 1 year anniversary is this coming Monday and I've yet to pick the photos. How horrible am I? :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

  4. so glad the meeting went well...an increase is an increase right?

    and double yay for losing a pound...i need to jump on that bandwagon!

  5. your weekend is off to a great start and well done in your meeting, increase well deserved!

  6. Oh would love to see your wedding album..did you put it together online? Need some inspiration over what to do with our wedding pics! xx

  7. heart shaped scones are cool! hey thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  8. congrats on losing weight :)