Sorry for the little break in posts. This week has been mental... I've been designing our wedding album and it appeared to slip into being a bit of an obsession! In the last week I must have spent around 30 hours (at least) AFTER WORK designing it. As in get home, design, eat, design, bed. Bless B sitting on his lonesome for the week (our computer's in the living room too, but it's much nicer to squish on the sofa!) However, this did give him the perfect excuse to play Madden on the PS3 for hours, so I don't think he minded too much.

I finished it at about 1am this morning and have spent the morning uploading the designs and sending it off. Now we have to wait 7-10 days. We're so freakin' excited about it arriving I can't tell you.

In other news I had my first weigh in yesterday. I was feeling pretty slim and was pleased to see i'd lost 1lb. Despite my Nan giving us a box of shortbread (AKA my favourite). It's not much I know, but I don't have too much too loose and so I'm expecting it to come off pretty slowly. 1lb a week means a stone by Christmas though and that's my goal. I'm still feeling nice and motivated so I have high hopes of achieving this! I only ate two tiny slithers of shortbread over the week, which is a miracle. How are you other lovely "health kick" ladies getting on?

It's a Bank Holiday here on Monday, so three day weekend! Crafting this afternoon with my nephews and B and I are going on an actual shopping trip tomorrow. I can't remember when we last did that. We have vouchers from the wedding still to spend so are heading to Bristol on a spree. I seriously can't wait.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend too xx


  1. well done on the weigh-in! that box of shortbread cookies looks amazing, i would have eaten the whole box. you'll have to post some of the wedding album designs, sounds like a lot of work was put into it. enjoy your monday off!

  2. Oh goodness...I haven't even started thinking about our wedding album yet so good on you! Enjoy your extra long weekend :)